2007 Honda CR-V

  • 2007 Honda CR-V

    Honda CR-V
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    • ACsystem was empty. We Pressurized the system with shop air and AC fans turned on, but compressor would not engage. AC clutch was bad. The bearing was also failing on the clutch, causing the rattling noise concern. Replace AC compressor. Noise is now gone and AC blows cold
    • Check Brakes: Front _____8mm____ Rear ___3-5mm______ Tread Depth: LF__888___RF__888___LR_____RR_____ Air Pressure Set to: __35___PSI Front Suspension: Ball Joints ___ok__ Tie Rods __ok___ Front Links ___ok__ Bushings ___ok___ Left Front Coil Spring _ok___ Right Front Coil Spring ___ok__ Shocks/Struts __ok__ Rear Suspension: Links __ok___ Bushings __ok___ Left Rear Coil/Leaf Spring __ok___ Right Rear Coil/Leaf Spring __ok___ Shocks/Struts __leaking, weak___ Torque Wheels to:_100____ft lbs before ______intl. Torque Wheels to:__100___ft lbs after _____intl.
    • Install A/C gauges to check system pressures, compressor doesn't run or short cycles, found pressure reading ____ high side and ____ low side, and cools to___. Evacuate system and it had ___ oz of freon and the system requires ___ oz. Recharge with freon and dye, recheck pressures, now reading ___ high side and ___ low side, cools to ___. Dye light test to check for leaks and found ____leaks at this time
    • A/C COMPRESSOR – Remove & Replace – [DOES NOT include Air Conditioning System recover, evacuate and/or recharge.]
    • "Lube__x___Oil__x___Filter_x___ & Vehicle Inspection FLUIDS: Brake_x__Trans_x__Coolant Temp.__-35___ Steering_x__Diff_x__&Lube Doors_x__Washer_x___ CHECKS: Tire Press.__35__Tire Wear LF__899__ RF__998__ LR__788__ RR_887___ Spare Pressure ___ Light_x__Horn_x__ Wipers_x__Belts_x__Hoses__x__ Shocks_x__Exhaust_x__AirFilter_x__Cabin filter_x___ Battery__10.0__Reset maint. reminder light__x___ Check Front Suspension: Ball Joints __ok__ Tie Rods __ok__ Sway Bar Links _ok___ **TEST DRIVE AND RECHECK** Oil Level___x___Filter for leaks__x___Sticker_x__ Techs signature__________________"
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