2015 Chevrolet Equinox

  • 2015 Chevrolet Equinox

    Chevrolet Equinox
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    • check and found PCV froze and caused the rear main seal failure, needs updated PCV (part of valve cover, recommend hose also)
    • remove and replace valve cover assembly, pcv hose and rear main seal, performed TSB on intake port, replaced exhaust manifold during repair, refill and bleed cooling system, change engine oil and filter after driving started to make noise, found intake not breathing properly, replaced intake, test drive
    • Lube_X_Oil_X_Filter_X_ & Vehicle Inspection FLUIDS: Brake_X_Trans_X_Coolant Temp.___-35__ Steering_X_Diff_X_&Lube Doors_X_Washer_X_ CHECKS: Tire Press.__35__Wear_LF_999_ RF _999_ LR _999_ RR_999_ Spare Pressure_usd_ Light_X_Horn_X_Wipers_X_Belts_X_Hoses_X_ Shocks_X_Exhaust_X_AirFilter_X_Cabin filter_X_ Battery__9.9__Reset maint. reminder light_X_ Check Front Suspension: Ball Joints __ok__ Tie Rods __ok__ Sway Bar Links __ok__ **TEST DRIVE AND RECHECK** Oil Level_X_Filter for leaks_X_Sticker_X_ Techs signature__________________
    • need to replace resonator/intermediate pipe, also found the manifold is cracked, recommend replacing during rear main seal labor remove and replace intermediate pipe and center muffler, replaced intermediate pipe hanger, test drive
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